Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Goals Update #2

I know that my writing goals are definitely not going as well as I had hoped, as this is my first post since I updated on goals progress last time. And I believe I only wrote in my actual journal once. I did accomplish a couple things this month but not near as much as I would like to, which seems to be a pattern in my life this month. This past weekend I started having a difficult time emotionally again. When I think I am adjusted and things are going well I get slammed with this general feeling of being overwhelmed out of nowhere. I think I need to talk to someone but I will detail more on this later. Prayers appreciated. 

February Goals
March Goals

  • Start devotional again that I started last year
  • Go to church at least one Sunday this month
This category was a win but I need more.
  • Go on a date with Matt in February Valentine's day <3
  • Pick the two books I want to read (rolling into March)
  • Book a room for our anniversary (rolling into March)
  • Start having financial meetings (sort of happened, we talked about money but not in exactly the format I want to)
  • Read to Logan 3 times a week (ongoing)
  • Read one parenting book (currently trying to finish one I started in October) Finished on the 27th, just under the wire
  • Spend 30 minutes everyday with Logan, no distractions (ongoing, feel like I am doing better with this for sure)
  • Transition Logan to his crib Success so far, another one just under the wire as we started putting him in there on the 27th.
  • Make at least $90 in side income in February. Success! $100.09
  • Make an effort to get together with a friend once a week (ongoing)
  • Pay off Meijer Credit Card (ongoing)
  • Make extra deposit into emergency savings.
  • Save money each month for Christmas (ongoing, will update progress each month)
    • January Saved $26.10
    • February-Saved $0
  • Create categories for targeted, short term savings goals in YNAB (rolling into March)
  • Call internet provider about lowering bill. Success! Lowered it by $20, hoping to be able to get a modem of our own so we can save another $8 as well.
    • Also lowered Verizon bill :-)
  • Start tithing -Gave $12 to our church on top of our normal donation to christian radio
  • Do not accumulate new debt (ongoing)
  • Organize and purge an area of our home every month (REVISED) Do some organizing and purging each month. (I will update what I accomplished each month here)
      • Home (didn't touch these)
        • Go through clothes in closet
        • Organize hair styling products and accessories in bathroom
      • Virtual
        • Finish cleaning up email (really needed it, I have Gmail and my labels were getting out of control) (still need to finish this)
        • Finish organizing Pinterest boards Ended up with 75 boards but it feels much easier to find what I am looking for now for sure.
  • Get planner organized for the year - Decided I am splitting into at least 3 binders (planner, medical and financial). Found some etsy planners I like but haven't decided which one to buy yet and haven't gotten around to splitting everything up either.
  • Establish daily, weekly and monthly routines
    • Create to do lists for each day in regards to routine
  • Write at least once a week (52 times between blog and regular journal) Will update this throughout the year as well.
    • January (3/52, missed one week I believe)
    • February (4/52)
  • Read a total of 24 books (ongoing) 1/24
    • February: 1/24

All in all feeling pretty chaotic still and wanting to find a better way to break things up and stay organized. My housekeeping skills were not great to begin with and now it has gotten more out of control. Blech need to refocus and find better balance........