Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I am still alive....

A new year has arrived in full force here in the Midwest. The snow is flying after a month with barely any snowfall. I have returned to work after 12 weeks off with our little guy who decided to grace us with his entrance into the world on October 15, 2014 at 8:03 PM weighing 9 pounds, 9 ounces and 22 inches long. Well he didn't so much decide to arrive as we evicted him forcefully because I think he was just too comfy in there, in other words I had a c-section 12 hours after my water had been broken when I was dilated to 3 almost 4. And nothing happened except for painful contractions that entire time. No more dilating and no moving down. I was pretty disappointed initially, I really didn't want to have major abdominal surgery on top of being a new mom. I decided to call my aunt who has some medical expertise and she reassured me that c-sections are just sometimes necessary and that the recovery would be a little rocky but with all the help I have close to home she thought I could handle it. I also texted my best friend and she called and talked to me about how she had been praying against complications with my labor and delivery because she just had a feeling and then my mind was pretty much made up and they went ahead and prepared me for surgery. And now here with are almost three months later.....

 Still in shock that I had been growing this little guy

Checking himself out in the mirror this past weekend

Things have been in one word: different. A lot has happened over the past almost three months and I hope to write in more detail about some of them as the days go by and a routine sinks in with being a working mom. I just came back to work on Monday with a heavy heart but this is what I have to do to take care of our son and give him what he needs and deserves. Plus in all honesty I don't think God intended for me to be a stay at home mom, I like coming to work (most days) and enjoy providing for our family. Though the whole label of SAHM, WAHM etc etc drives me a little bonkers. We are all moms, why do we need to classify exactly what kind of mom we are?

I wanted to end by letting you know about how I did on my 101 87 things to do in 2014 list. Pretty much it was a bust...with the pregnancy and having a new baby I found it difficult to get out or have motivation to do much. Some of them I made progress on but didn't actually finish. I am going to be doing a goals/resolutions list for 2015 that I think will be much smaller than this but include some of those things I didn't quite get to. I am also going to try and do monthly updates on my goals for the year, as well as updates on our guy. So here is where I ended up at....

101 87 Things to Do in 2014
1. Spend a romantic weekend with Matt
2. Type up half of journals
3. Go to Las Vegas
4. Take a day trip to Chicago
5. Have a girls night out
6. Go to Binder Park Zoo (4/16)
7. Go to a zoo I have not visited
8. Go to the beach
9. Go camping
10. Try out meal planning for one whole month
11. Pay off both credit cards (1 down, 1 to go) (Mar 14)
12. When credit cards are paid off, make more than minimum payment on all debt
13. Do not accumulate any new debt (end year with less debt than started)
14. Try 5 new recipes
  • Copycat Panera Mac and Cheese (5/14)
  • Another Mac and Cheese Recipe (6/11)
  • Creamy Italian Chicken (6/14)
  • Snickerdoodle Popcorn (12/26)
15. Try 5 new crockpot recipes
16. Reorganize music on laptop
17. Host a game night
18. Read 5 books of the Bible
19. Read 20 Fiction books (8/20) (Aug 25)
20. Read 5 Finance books (2/5) (Feb 9)
21. Read 5 Christian books
22. Read 5 Nonfiction books (1/5) (Jan 18)
23. Read 5 Memoirs (2/5) (Aug 25)
24. Visit family in Traverse City
25. Recover my blankie (In progress as of 7/18) Turned out so awesome and ended up with a keepsake for me and a blankie for our son :-) Thanks Meag!
26. Start to learn how to sew
27. Make blanket with old t-shirts
28. Back up my computer
29. Try out a funky color in my hair
30. Make homemade treats for dog
31. Make homemade treats for cats
32. Watch 35 movies I have never seen before (15/35) (Aug 25)
33. See 3 movies in the theatre (2/3) (Jun 7)(Nov?)
34. Start a journal
35. Write 10 notes to friends and family for no particular reason
36. Know all family and friend birthdays and have them recorded on calendar for future years
37. Organize spare bedroom Clean out spare bedroom and set up nursery :-)
38. Start walking the dog again
39. Hang up 5 more picture frames
40. Go garage saleing
41. Spend a night at the cottage
42. Carve a pumpkin
43. Volunteer at the animal shelter
44. Organize clothes
45. Watch a sunrise
46. Watch a sunset
47. Play a new game
48. Sort through hope chest
49. Do something with Matt that neither of us has done
50. Give some stuff away
51. Buy a grill
52. Start to look into taking classes
53. Blog four times a month
54. Send Christmas Cards
55. Do one cross-stitch project
56. Put together a puzzle
57. Start the wedding scrapbook
58. Put our wedding pictures in an album for the coffee table
59. Get a new couch (on layaway as of 5/26, I think that counts!)
60. Have a snowball fight
61. Go sledding
62. Shoot a gun
63. See Whitney at least once!
64. Host Turkey Day once again
65. Organize my jewelry
66. Tithe 5%
67. Come up with a system to track kitchen inventory
68. Organize books on Goodreads (make categories)
69. Organize desk to keep better track of papers
70. Clean out email
71. Create a cleaning schedule
72. Start counting calories again
73. Try a new exercise DVD
74. Bake 5 new things
  • Red Lobster Biscuits (From box but I still say it counts :-)) (Feb 3)
75. Bake anything at least 5 times
76. Organize recipe binder
77. Read a poetry book
78. Tip a waitress 100% or more
79. Organize bathroom
80. Give up pop
81. Give up something for Lent
82. Make homemade gifts
83. Get dressed up and go out
84. Try out new ways to make extra money
85. Keep resume updated
86. Color
87. Play a new board game